Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University, with a stint at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence. Ask about the honey from the Gregorian monks on the Oltrarno, but don't ask them for directions.

Graduated from college to ordering pens and notebooks as an intern at J. Walter Thompson. Three times I cut a life size Toby Keith out of foam core with a #11 blade exacto-knife. I also occasionally got to work on some advertising ideas.

I landed a jr. Art Director position at J. Walter Thompson in Denver, working on the Ford account. There, I learned that post houses serve free lunch, so I spent most of my time at them, making broadcast spots for Ford...and riding razor scooters.

Got hired on at TBWA/The Integer Group working on the national Polaris account. They make ATVs, snowmobiles, and Victory motorcycles. I spent weeks in the wilderness filming and photographing things that go vroom, expensed new underwear, and once witnessed my boss crash one of the hero vehicles into a river just before we shot it.

When I wasn't neck deep in a mud hole, I worked on Miller-Coors, and Blue Moon, which afforded me the opportunity to see the original clay noid in an attic in Portland.

I decided to join Gyro as a Sr. Art Director, for the chance to work for Cameron Day, the son of famed adman, Guy Day. I spent most of my time making ads for a small regional cable company. Gyro is a big network, and I had the opportunity to do some work out of their New York office as well. NYC Lesson #1; Never offer to buy a round of drinks for co-workers in Manhattan. It will not be reimbursed.

During this time period I also found time for some extra curricular activities. I worked as a mentor with the Adclub, and got involved in local Denver award show activities. I also did some freelance for clients, and for some agencies like Sterling Rice Group, and a company that made a splash a few years earlier—called Victors and Spoils.

2014 - OCT. 2017
After freelancing on a New York Times cover story, and projects for Patagonia and JCPenney, I got hired on full-time as an ACD at Victors and Spoils. Far from their crowdsourcing roots, V&S has given me the opportunity to meet the FLOTUS, teach a few classes at The University of Colorado, and take a selfie with Cindy Crawford.

Currently, I'm getting my production chops up to snuff, working at a new shop called Fact & Fiction that brings creative and production together under one roof. Right now I'm probably on set making something for Chili's, Reese's or some of the foodiest dog food there is.